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Appelli di settembre prof. Carosso IN PRESENZA

Pubblicato: Mercoledì 5 agosto 2020 da Prof. Andrea Carosso

All September examinations for ALL my courses - written and oral - will be conducted IN CLASS. Dates, times and venues are advertised on the university website, as usual.

Students eligible for exceptions to this policy (see will need to:
1. REGISTER for the exam (written and/or oral) and use the "notes" field to request an online session exception
2. SEND ME ( any relevant documentation (medical certifications, official residency status declaration, etc.) supporting your request AT LEAST two days BEFORE the date of the exam.

I reserve the right to decline any requests that are not fully documented or compliant with the university's prescribed exceptions ( Students whose requests are declined or sent beyond the prescribed deadline will need to take their exams in class.

Please understand that, as per university regulations, online sessions will be scheduled AFTER all in-class sessions have been completed. No advance scheduling will be possible for online exceptions.

A. Carosso


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