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NUFS Cross Cultural Exchange Online - Per Studenti di Giapponese - Autunno 2021

Pubblicato: Lunedì 20 settembre 2021 da Anna Specchio

NUFS Cross Cultural Exchange by Online in Fall 2021

Come per la primavera 2021, anche questo autunno la Nagoya University of Foreign Studies
(NUFS) attiva degli scambi studente-vs-studente online per l'apprendimento linguistico riservato agli studenti delle università partner, come il nostro Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere e Culture Moderne (Condizione essenziale per partecipare è l'appartenenza al dipartimento: da NUFS ci invieranno infatti i nomi degli studenti selezionati).


Period [8 settimane in totale]
Session 1: From Monday, October 18th to Sunday, November 14th [4 weeks]
Session 2: From Monday, November 22nd to Sunday, December 19th [4 weeks]

*The group members will be changed in the first and the second sessions.


Partner Universities: Students who would like to exchange language and culture with Japanese students
NUFS: Students who would like to exchange language and culture with international students

I. Orientation *Please be sure to participate or watch the archived video.
-Date: 5 p.m. October 11th Monday (JAPAN TIME)
-Using device: ZOOM
-Way to participate: We will inform you of the participation URL beforehand.
-Details: Explanation of implementation method

II. Weekly online exchange
- Date and time: Once a week, 1 hour * Please discuss with your group members and decide the date and time.
- Using device: Discord ( * We will inform you how to use Discord.
- Languages: 1 Japanese and English 2 English only 3 Japanese and French 4 Japanese and Chinese
*If you choose 1, 3 or 4, please do language exchange using Japanese plus English, French or
Chinese, (For example, if you choose 1, your group members speak Japanese for 30 minutes +
English for 30 minutes.)

-For non-native English speakers: English level B2 (CEFR) is desirable if you choose 1 Japanese and English

or 2 English only”.
* This is not the case for NUFS students as they are learning English. Please
help NUFS students practice English conversation. NUFS students will
help you with your Japanese conversation as well.


 NUFS will make groups. Each group has 2 NUFS students and 1 or 2 partners’ students.
 Before you start online exchanges, each group should decide the date and time. Please decide the time for
weekly meetings in consideration of the time difference.
 A weekly theme will be suggested by the IO. You can discuss a theme of your own choosing if you want.

<Examples of theme>
Cultural differences (food, housing, employment, university classes, club activities, leisure time), Favorite
music & movies & TV dramas & sports, how to spend time during COVID-19, travel, etc.
The number to be accepted:
Maximum 150

Participation fee


PER partecipare è necessario iscriversi al seguente URL dal 20 settembre al 3 ottobre. ATTENZIONE: possono partecipare solo gli iscritti al Dipartimento di Lingue


*We will have a lottery in case more than 150 students apply for the program. We will send emails to all the
participants on Tuesday, October 5th (Japan Time).

Announcement of group members *The following dates are subject to change.

Session 1: Wednesday, October 6th
Session 2: Monday, November 15th

Notes *Please be sure to check the following and agree to them before applying for participation.
 Please be sure to participate every time, and if you are unavoidably absent, please contact the group members in advance. If all NUFS students or partner university students are absent, please reschedule as much as possible and try to hold a meeting every week.
 Please note that in the unlikely case that group members do not participate in the program, we will not be able to take steps such as the introduction of another group.
 If you lose contact with us and group members during this program, we will cancel your participation.
 Please note that if we are unable to match the group because of language usage or the number of participants, you may not be able to join the program.

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